Artemis Media Publishing are Running A Search for On Line UK businesses to be featured in a Book.

We want to talk to businesses from the both the service sector or retail sector if you have a good online presence and use the internet to find customers / do business.

We are releasing a new book this summer called “Internet Entrepreneur Secrets” and I wanted to reach out to see if we could feature an interview with you on how you have made the Internet work for you. Don’t worry, you won’t need to write anything, we just need about 30 minutes of your time for the interview. This is a special project we are working on to benefit Teenage Cancer Trust, the trust will collect 100% of the retail sales royalties once the book is published and I’m confident it’s going to be a winner for all involved. You can see we are already getting some nice press coverage:

So you see we expect some good exposure on the project for all concertned

In order for us to maximize our publicity opportunities for the project, we will need to include some quotes from your interview in the news releases and press about the book, which will get some great exposure for you and your business as well.

Unfortunately, I’m under a tight deadline as I want to publish this summer, if you think you qualify call me on 0161 818 8686 and I’ll be happy to answer any questions you have.

If you feel this is something that could benefit you and your business, in the interest of time, you can just send me a message letting me know you're interested and I’ll send over the details for you to confirm.

Want to Boost Your Online Presence?

If there are two things that give you the edge over your competition:

I'm in This Book - hardcoverstack_621x739The First is Being In or Having Your Own Book published

We make it so easy for you to be in one of our books or to even have your own book published!  You'd also be surprised to find out that in many instances you don't even have to write anything.

Sound extraordinary?

Well we suppose it is, but that is how we help make our clients gain Positioning; Authority and Credibility giving them the edge over their competitors.   We've helped over 100 people become Amazon Best Sellers in the last 12 months.


 The Second is being heard on Radio Shows as someone who knows about their own specialties be that supplying services or selling products. 

BIR Brag This Could Be You

Life as a business owner is never easy and often down right difficult.

That's why thinking and acting outside the box in the right way can put you head and shoulder above the competition.

We are offering a "Dip your toe in the water" opportunity for business owners to be Coached and interviewed on our Business Innovators Radio Show FOR FREE!


To book an appointment send us an email 

Or Call - 0161 818 8686